Make-up Artist


Feature Film and TV

Dept Head Makeup & Hair, "Leimert Park," Episodic Series, Directed by Melissa Jones, 2016

Makeup, "Dimension 404," Hulu Webseries, 2016

Key Makeup & Hair, "Not That Girl," Teaser Trailer for Series, 2016

Assistant Makeup, "Fuck it Fest," Spec Pilot for MTV, 2016

Dept Head Makeup & Hair, "Gente-Fied," Episodic Series, Directed by Marvin Lemus, 2016

Key Makeup, "In This Same Garden," Feature Film (segment "Home,") Directed by Alexandre Rockwell, 2015 

Key Makeup & Hair, "52 Ways to Breakup," Season Three, Episodic Series, Produced by Megan Rosati, 2015

Key Makeup, "Tutored," Episodic Series, Produced by Cate Campbell, 2015

Key Makeup, "Future Girl," Episodic Series, Produced by Alexandra Klimavich, 2015

Key Makeup, "Beverly Hills Live," Episodic Series, Produced by FilmOn.TV & Alki David, 2015

Makeup, "Trust Fund Friends," Episodic Series, Directed by Ward Sorrick, 2015

Makeup, "Workingman's Hymn," Joshua Davis Music Video for NBC's "The Voice," 2015

Makeup & Hair Dept Head, "Ageless," Episodic TV & Web Series, Directed by Montana Mann, 2015

Makeup & Hair Dept Head, "Every Night," Episodic TV & Web Series, Directed by Jackson Lanzing, 2015

Key Makeup, "I Survived the 70's," Reality T.V. for H2 (History Channel 2), 2015

Key Makeup & Hair Stylist, "First Light," Trailer, Directed by Jason Stone, 2015

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "LA Beer," Episodic TV & Web Series, Directed by Ed Brown, 2014

Key Makeup LA Unit, "Division 19," Feature Film, Directed by Suzie Halewood, 2014

Assistant Make-up, "Displacement," Feature Film, Directed by Kenneth Mader, 2013

Make-up, "A Better You," Feature Film, Directed by Matt Walsh, 2013

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "On the Rocks," T.V. Pilot, Directed by Ed Brown, 2013

Key Make-up & SpFX, "The Ascent," Feature Film, Directed by Tom Murtaugh, 2013

Key Makeup and Hair, Music Pump Unsigned, TV Show, 1 Episode, 2012

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Strangely in Love," Feature Film, Directed by Amin Matalq, 2012

Make-up Artist, "Park City," Feature Film, Directed by Hannah Rosner, 2011

Short Films

Makeup, "Verdict," Directed by Joss Whedon, 2016 

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "American Airness," Directed by Brian J. O'Connell

Key Makeup & Hair, "Afuera," Directed by Steven Liang, 2015

Key Makeup & Hair, "Party Favor," Directed by Glenn Martin, 2015

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Emile," Directed by Jean-Marc Demmer, 2015

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Owen," Directed by Kelly Pike, 2015

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head,"Keeping the Code," Directed by Stephen Jangro, 2015

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Marcus Mouse," Directed by Alisyn Ghivizzani, 2015

Hairstylist & Wig Stylist, "The Secret of Joy," Directed by Max Bartoli, 2014

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Those Who Drag you Down," Directed by Thientam Nguyen, 2014

Makeup for Rainn Wilson, "Good Samaritan," Directed by Jeffrey Reddick, 2014

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Nothing Like the Sun," Directed by Jonas Banks, 2013

Key Makeup, "Karaganda," Directed by Max Weissberg, 2013

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "The Divide," Directed by Ashley Monti, 2013

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Upstairs," Directed by Montana Mann, 2013

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "The Council", Directed by Beau McCombs, 2012

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "APP," Directed by Alexander Berman, 2012

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Lucy," Directed by Donny Herran, 2012

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "Death Car," Directed by Goran Stankovic, 2012

Makeup & Hair Dept. Head, "The Last Patrol," Directed by Goran Stankovic, 2012

Commercial and Promotional Material

DC Universe






"The Trials of Apollo" for Disney Publishing

"Star Darlings" for Disney Publishing 

Spike Sports for Spike TV 



Dos Equis 


Oberto's Beef Jerky (makeup for Brian Urlacher)

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo (Vampire's and Pop Culture Panel, Key Hairstylist for Panel Members)


Morgan Stanley


Wholesale Capitol Corporate

Ventura Foods, LLC

St. Judes Hospital, Fullerton

Fashion - Print & Fashion Shows

Liz Law Jewelry

Goodie Two Sleeves

Forever 21


Anthem of the Ants



Flying Tomato

Music Video

"For Awhile," Ryan Robinette, Key Makeup and Hair, Directed by Ryan Nyerges, 2016

"Starlight," Loren North, Makeup and Hair, Directed by Embryo, 2016

"Feel it Out," Loren North, Key Makeup and Hair, Directed by Embryo, 2016

"Come Down," Robbie Gennet, Key Makeup, Directed by Andrew Aidman, 2016

"Taller than Me," Evan Blum, Makeup, Directed by Barret Bowman, 2016

"Fight for You," Evan Blum, Key Makeup, Directed by Barret Bowman, 2016

"My Dead Girl," Speedy Ortiz, Key Makeup, Directed by Elle Schneider, 2015

"Baby You're Like a Drug" Menew, Key Hairstylist and Assistant Makeup, Directed by Joshua Butler, 2015

"Ruthless Love" Alexz Johnson, Key Make-up, Directed by Montana Mann, 2015

"More," Taj, Key Makeup and Hair, 2015

"Show Off" Joseph Somo, Key Make-up, Directed by Trevor Kane, 2013

"Lisa Lisa Lisa" Yellow Alex & The Feelings, Key Make-up, Directed by Hannah Rosner, 2012

"Tonight" Ben Oakes, Key Make-up, Directed by Scott Roush, 2012

"Control" Ben Oakes, Key Make-up, Directed by Alex Maleski and Adam Ramirez, 2012

"Martians vs Goblins" Tyler the Creator Feat. Lil Wayne & Wolf Haley, Make-up Artist, Directed by Matt Alonzo, 2011


America Ferrera 

Joshua Jackson

Rainn Wilson

Alison Doody

Carla Hall

Tyler Hilton

Arielle Kebbel

Laura Michelle Kelly

Juliet Landau

Amanda Plummer

Horatio Sanz

Ken Shamrock

Kimbo Slice

Matt Walsh

Brian Urlacher

Laura Vandervoort